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Tools to Help Plan For and Fund a Just & Equitable Transition From Fossil Fuel Power Plants and Mining

Happening Now

Coal plants are closing in increasing numbers and earlier than scheduled times. Surprise announcements of plants closing before scheduled retirement are occurring. Although this is great news in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, utilities, regulators, legislators, and communities have often been caught off guard and do not have a plan nor the funds for a Just & Equitable Transition for communities.


As this transformation accelerates and more coal power plants and coal mines close, we need to assure the well-being of affected families and communities.

Just & Equitable Transition requires that we balance local interests, efficiencies, economics, and people as we pursue strategies to grow and clean our power systems.


How to Secure Transition Funds

Many communities, states, and the federal government are now taking action to plan for and mitigate the impacts this transformation has on communities. A strong lesson from the historical examples of coal transitions is there are difficult processes, and can often leave long-lasting effects on individuals, regions, and communities.

This site offers general resources on just transition as well as specific examples of testimony and legislation that attempts to ensure that transitions are just and equitable.

Among the lessons learned from communities already transitioning from coal power plants and/or mines is the importance of early inclusive planning for transition funds such as:

1) Community revenue replacement

2) Worker redeployment, retraining, and bridge funds

3) Reclamation and remediation

4) Sustainable economic development

5) Siting replacement power in or near affected communities

Case Studies of Just & Equitable Transitions

Centralia, WA

Centralia Coal Plant.png

Colstrip, MT


San Juan County, NM


San Luis Obispo, CA


Examples of Legislation and Testimony Used for a Just & Equitable Transition



Proceedings & Reports



Public Utilities Commission
Order Instituting Rulemaking to Review, Revise, and Consider Alternatives to the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment.



Iowa Utilities Board on August 1, 2019, Docket RPU-2019-0001

On Behalf of Environmental Law & Policy Center and Iowa Environmental Council


PUC Docket No. E015/GR-16-664
In the Matter of the Application of Minnesota Power for Authority to Increase Rates for Electric Utility Service in Minnesota



Webinar recording/materials from April 15, 2020 presentation

Presented by Patrick Barkey, Ph.D., the presentation explains the economic role of the Colstrip Steam Electric Station and similar power plants in terms of electricity generation and employment.​

Docket No. D2018.4.24 RE: Colstrip. In the Matter of the Investigation of Federal Tax Reform Impacts on NorthWestern Energy’s Revenue Requirements

New Mexico

NM Public Regulation Commission
Regulatory Considerations on Debt Securitization Financing

South Carolina

Public Service Commission DOCKET NOS. 2017-370-E; 2017-305-E; 2017-207-E




West Virginia



Presentations from JET Calls 





September 2020

Sam Wolf

September 2020

Claire Wang

Green Finance Center

University of Oxford

January 2020

Sara Chandler

Elemental Excelerator

October 2020

Albert Lin

Pearl Street Station Finance Lab

 Donna Brutkoski


November 2020


July 2020

Nancy Seidman


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